Bitcoin encryption- Does bitcoin uses encryption or not?

bitcoin encryptionStill many users are having the same question in their mind whether the bitcoin uses encryption or not. The answer is no. Bitcoin doesn’t make uses of encryption. Bitcoin never needs bitcoin encryption. And it is called cryptocurrency and it is because the digital signature algorithm is using the same mathematical method that is used for the encryption that is elliptic curve based. Bitcoin with the elliptic curve seep256k1 makes use of the ECDSA algorithm. 

For digital signatures and encryption, a user of the system produces the pair of keys. It is a private key and a public key. Both the keys are correlated mathematically.But it is infeasible computationally. It is particularlyfor receiving the private one from the public one. Both the keys that are private key and public key encryptions and virtual signature works described herein- 


If “A” would like to encrypt the short text to “B”, “A” will use the “B” public key for encrypting the text and then “B” will use the private key for decrypting the text. 

If “A” would like to virtually sign the short text, “A” will make use of the private key for producing the sign and then anybody that is aware of “A” public key can authenticate that the sign can be generated by the one that knows “A” private key. 

In the bitcoin ledger case, every UTXO or unspent transaction output is generally linked with the public key. If “A” is having UTXO that is linked up with the public key and “A” want to transfer the currency to “B”, then “A” make use of the private key for signing the transactions that use up the UTXO, making new UTXO linked up with the public key of “B”. 

Type bitcoin “B” symbol in the Unicode text- 

Unicode consortium makes public the Unicode 10.0 version nowadays that is including the bitcoin “B” symbol. The update is including 8,518 characters with new 56 emojis. This move has come a bit more than 1 year and half subsequent to the Unicode consortium. It supervises the text standard of the Unicode computing and backs up the proposal that itself has given year’s long process. The efforts towards the bitcoin Unicode date back as 2011. 

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bitcoin encryption

Cryptocurrency is the virtual assets that are nowadays made in use as the exchange medium. And the popular one is bitcoin. The other common terms are digital assets/tokens. It is stored in the distributed ledger that we call blockchain. The other examples of cryptocurrency are Zcash, LTC, ETH, etc. each one is having won functions and properties. 

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bitcoin encryption

So this is all about bitcoin and cryptocurrency that you should know, now you can buy bitcoin y criptomonedas easily and remain doubtless about cryptocurrency. 


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